On January 15, 2016, the Seattle Archdiocese released a list of 77 priests, nuns, brothers, and other religious “for whom allegations of sexual abuse of a minor have been admitted, established or determined to be credible.”

James SJ Poole is one of the religious individuals identified on the list, which includes a generic description of each person’s position in the Seattle Archdiocese, their assignments, and the approximate dates of service. Please know that the information the Archdiocese provided may not be completely accurate, but here is the information provided regarding James SJ Poole:

Seattle Archdiocese Assignments for James SJ Poole

  • Current Status: Permanent Prayer and Penance
  • Diocese: N/A
  • Bellarmine Preparatory School, Tacoma (1990-2003)

Please note: If you were sexually abused by someone serving within the Seattle Archdiocese, but you do not see that person’s name on this list, please understand that the list is not exhaustive. The list was created by the Archdiocese, not an independent third party. Given the hundreds of abuse survivors we have represented since 2002, we are aware of a number of individuals who should be on the list but are not.

The list also only includes religious individuals – like priests and nuns. It does not include lay people, such as teachers or principals who served in Archdiocesan schools, or even youth ministers who served in its parishes. Our attorneys and other advocates for abuse survivors have called upon the Archdiocese to release a full list of names.

The attorneys in our law firm have successfully represented more than 150 people who were sexually abused as children by people serving in the Seattle Archdiocese, including more than half of the 77 religious individuals identified on the Archdiocese’s list. If you or someone you love were sexually abused, please contact us to learn your legal rights.