Priest at Altar

Our team has decades of collective experience litigating against Catholic and other religious entities.  Within the Archdiocese of Seattle, we have handled claims involving both lay employees and members of the clergy, such as:

Catholic Priests

  • Father G. Barry Ashwell
  • Father Edmund J. Boyle
  • Father Dennis Champagne
  • Father Michael John Cody
  • Father Paul Joseph Conn
  • Father John Cornelius
  • Father Leonard Feeney
  • James (Jim) Funnell
  • Father James H. Gandrau
  • Father David Peter Jaeger
  • Father Dennis W. Kemp
  • Father James Knelleken
  • Father David Anthony Linehan
  • Father John “Jack” Marsh
  • Father James McGreal
  • Father Patrick Desmond McMahon
  • Father James Mitchell
  • Father Gerald Moffat
  • Father Dennis Muehe
  • Father Michael C. O’Brien
  • Father Patrick G. O’Neill
  • Father Harold F. Quigg

Christian Brothers

  • Brother Albert Casale (Christian Brother)
  • Brother Edward C. “Chris” Courtney (Christian Brother)
  • Brother Croke (Christian Brother)
  • Brother Duffy (Christian Brother)
  • Brother George Dwyer (Christian Brother)
  • Brother G.A. “Feely Kealy” Kealy (Christian Brother)
  • Brother J.B. Lackie (Christian Brother)
  • Brother O’Donahue (Christian Brother)
  • Brother O’Sullivan (Christian Brother)
  • Brother C.P. Ryan (Christian Brother)
  • Brother D.P. Ryan (Christian Brother)
  • Brother Warren (Christian Brother)


  • Daniel Adamson
  • Father Englebert M. Axer (Jesuit)
  • Father Patrick J. Conway (Jesuit)
  • Father John Forrester (Benedictine)
  • Father Michael Toulouse (Jesuit)