scared boy

Since 1915, the BSA has maintained a massive index of pedophile and other dangerous volunteers, referred to as the “Ineligible Volunteer File.”

For instance, between 1965 and 1985, 1,123 “perversion” files were created for Scout leaders who had molested one or more children. That is an average of 57.8 new child molesting volunteers per year (e.g., more than one new child molester a week). And many of these volunteers molested multiple Scouts and other boys. Many of the molesters were shown to have abused Scouts and other boys for several years before detection.

According to BSA’s internal “desk manual” for the perversion files, “the Ineligible Volunteer File is a listing of names … [who have] proven themselves potentially harmful as associates or leaders of youth and a detriment to the Boy Scouts of America. … The majority of the cases on file are perversion cases.”